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How to get there

From the airport:

Go outside of the arrival terminal, cross the street and hop on a Praça da Sé bus. Get of the last stop, at Praça da Sé. The ride takes anything between 60-80 minutes, depending on the traffic, but don’t take a nap because part of the route passes along the beautiful beaches of Salvador. A nap you can take at the hostel.
Buses run every 30 min and works from 6:00a.m. to 9:30p.m. Before or after these times, the only other option is a taxi.
An official taxi from inside the airport costs R$118. Outside the terminal you can find one for around R$90-R$110 (about US$40-50) depending on you bargaining skills. It is recommended to fix the price before getting in instead of using the meter. We can also arrange an airport pickup for R$100

From the Rodoviaria (Central bus station):

You have 2 options:

1. Go outside the bus station (to the left) and cross the pedestrian footbridge to the Iguatemi shopping mall. In front of the mall catch the bus to Praça da Sé and get off at the last stop called Praça da Sé.

2. The easiest way will be to go under the tunnel out the Rodoviaria, to Plataforma 1, and from there look for Ponto 2. Catch the Baroquinha bus from bus stop no. 4. Ask the ticket guy to tell you when it’s one stop before Pelourinho (In Portuguese it will be ‘ Uma parada antes do Pelourinho’). Walk up Rua Ramos de Queiroz, to the right of where the bus dropped you off, and on the top turn left. You are already on Rua dos Marchantes, where the Nega lives. 50m along the street, on the left hand side, you will see a beautiful earth color house with blue windows and door. It is house no. 15 and we live there. Please come in. The whole walk is no more than 5 minutes. A Taxi from the Rodoviaria costs between R$20-R$25. (US$11-13). It is recommended to fix the price before getting in instead of using the meter. There is a taxi booth inside the Rodoviaria and unless you arrive in the middle of the night it will be cheaper to take one of the many taxis waiting outside

From Praça da se:

You also have 2 options:

1. Walking – It’s also good for your health. When you get off the bus, take a right on the main street and walk straight on (toward Pelourinho). You will pass on your way a square (called…… good guess -Praça da Sé) with a fountain. 50 meter after the fountain there is another bigger square. Cross it and almost as if continuing straight, take the most left street (Rua Alfredo de Brito) which after 100m will start descending. Once you reach the bottom, continue straight, going up Rua Ladeira do Carmo. When you reach the top continue to your right and the first street to your right, after about 300m and the 5 star hotel, is where the Nega lives! The whole walk takes about 10-15 minutes and passes through beautiful Pelourinho – the old and restored part of Salvador.

2. Catch a taxi to the Nega Maluca. The cost is about R$12-R$15 but of course they will try to charge you more. (always helps to ask a few drivers).

Link to the Nega Maluca guesthouse Location page
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